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. >>> it was winner take all as the governor and mitt romney squared off in the find round of debates. the punches were fast and furious. >> president barack obama and mitt romney have just wrapped up the third and final debate. tonight they sparred over foreign policy. well, tonight we've got team coverage of the race which is -- neck and neck, and that is according to the polls. alongside the fact checking team at usa today, virginia is an important state and andrea mccarren is on the road with details on a potential spoiler for this election out of virginia. first the hits, runs and errors. >> it was the last time the two men will have shared a stage before the election. the last chance for a side by side comparison. polls show to be of low importance this year and with a baseball playoff game, the question is how many undecided voters were paying attention. >> reporter: the goal. >> we want a debate that is worthy of the presidency. >> reporter: the president on his record. >> my first duty is to keep the american people safe and we've done that ovthe last four years -- over the last four year
is and will always be honored. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney are spending the we will consider preparing for the final debate. the running mates biden is in florida where he stopped by a local campaign office. paul ryan was in ohio. drew levinson picked up our coverage from here. >> reporter: joe biden rallied volunteers at a florida campaign office. >> you guys produce. we win florida. we win florida. >> history, man. >> as biden took on the republican ticket at a rally, a baby interrupted him as he listed ways he thinks mitt romney's policies will hurt americans. >> i don't blame that baby for crying. that baby knows what is in store for him or her if romney wins. >> reporter: while the vice president is out campaigning, president barack obama is cramming for the third and final debate where foreign policy is expected to dominate. romney is in florida for his prep. paul ryan is touring battleground states. >> thanks for being here. you're going to help us elect mitt romney, the next president of the united states, aren't you? >> reporter: in ohio, he accused the president of running th
to the southwest part of the common wealth. there's a new poll out that shows the race is tight but governor romney is taking a slight lead, 50% to 47% for president obama. tonight andrea takes us to an ea with a striking contrast of opinions. >> we are in hampton road, this is the region with a huge military presence, and a local economy that is heavily dependent on defense spending. >> my name is sean, and i am a machinist and mechanic on the usa roosevelt. >> i am thomas bell, the business manager for local union 79. >> two men both with military backgrounds,. >> i am not afraid to stand up for my country. i put my life out for 20 years and i'm not afraid to do it again. >> no party has a lack of patriotism -- on it. i'm a u.s. army veteran. >> you can see the island house. >> they work in related fields. >> when i was in desert storm, i guided a lot of these aircrafts in on targets when we were taking out the enemy. >> i would like to say we don't build the ship, we build the shipyards. >> they support different candidates. >> barack obama. >> republican. >> but this is about improving a damage
. >> reporter: for mitt romney, that message is the sluggish economy. >> four more years like the last four years will continue to have a president playing hide-and-seek, trying to find a plan to get the economy going and to create jobs. >> reporter: the obama campaign tuesday released a 20-page plan for manufacturing energy and education. >> my plan will actually move america forward. it's not just a sales job. >> reporter: but the main obama campaign message tuesday is that mitt romney is hiding his true beliefs for political purposes. >> you know what? that's not leadership that you can trust. >> there's no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. trust matters. >> reporter: with the polls closed, we could be facing a long night in two weeks. >> it is so close. we may wind up seeing one candidate win the popular vote, another win the electoral vote. >> reporter: there's a word for that, yikes. it has happened before, relatively recently, 2,000, when al gore won the popular vote by half a million votes and george bush the electoral vote and therefore the election. >> a to
different from what he said earlier so i'm not quite sure which governor romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy. >> the doubts about governor romney's beliefs expressed in rolling stone. "you know kids have good instinct. they look at the other guy and say that's a [ bleep ] i can tell." the new poll gives the president a 50 to 45 edge in the crucial state of ohio. >> we're gonna win ohio! >> but six minutes before that -- >> it would be easier to find people who voted for barack obama and change their minds. i need ohio. ohio is going to set the course of the nation. we're going to win. >> by using a page from the two now eight obama campaign book. >> we want a president who will actually bring big changes, and i will and he won't. >> there was good news for governor romney that in cbs poll which shows him leading by seven points among independent voters in ohio, the voters both candidates are targeting. some campaign finance reports were due today. when the numbers get crunched we may find the cost of this campaign has reached $2 billion. >> and that is a lot of
at where the president and governor romney stand in those polls. >>> all week long we've had a news crew crisscrossing the state of virginia taking the polls of voters in the key battle grounds. the latest poll out just today shows romney with a slight lead there. he's got 50% support compared to president obama's 48%. tonight andrea mccarren wraps up our battle ground virginia coverage closer to home in loudoun county. >> reporter: loudoun is the wealthiest county in the nation in terms of its household income. and political scientists say the candidate who wins a critical vote here and in similar battle grounds wins the election. and that is the so-called panera mom. >> really? oh, my gosh. i'm surprised that we're the ones who would be deciding. >> reporter: the panera mom is educated, has children and is worried about the economy. and you can find her across northern virginia. >> i think a lot of women are looking for humanitarian issues and abortion rights and things like that. but i personally am looking for more business issues in this economy. >> reporter: they're women like virg
a lot. get updates any time on our website. have a good night. bye. >>> the frenzy over mitt romney and the president's new celebrity donors and detractors. >> how crucial is the last minute push for press. i'm brook anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> the weekend "the insider" is on. >> what's the thing with trump? >> donald, you're making a fool of yourself. >> the president mocks trump's $5 million offer. >> this dates back to when we were growing up together in kenya. [ laughter ] >> the first lady's wake up call. >> the president on rolling stone, mtv. >> is he gunning for the youth vote again? >> we have a say. >> and romney's new celebrity endorsement. >> we need ohio! >> whitney's daughter kissing houston's godson. >> we are, you know, one. >> angering the family and
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)